The Mini Club and the Junior Club

Children & Families

At the MarePineta Resort, children are welcome! We do care a lot for our little guests and for this reason a range of services in dedicated areas of the resort are made available to them so that they can safely have great fun. At the Mini-club and Junior Club our professional entertainers organise activities all day long, lunch and dinner included, with kids’ special menus being served at our Restaurant. Activities also include games in the kids’ small pool equipped with fountain jets – so amusing! The kids’ pool is located right next to the adults’ pool, so that parents can always keep an eye on their own children.
At the Tennis club, kids can enjoy private or group tennis lessons, whilst at the Beach Club, fun is assured with multiple activities related to the sea world. Besides, under the supervision of the Local Coach, children also enjoy amazing experiences outside the resort such as horse riding, canoe or boat riding, visits to nature parks and several sports activities.

Children at the Beach Club

At the MarePineta Resort, the beach is an exclusive space in the heart of Milano Marittima. It is one of the most well-kept, spacious, and refined private beaches on the Riviera di Romagna. Here, during the summer, in addition to the lounge bar and beach restaurant with its excellent cuisine, dedicated areas are exclusively reserved for children for all sorts of outdoor activities. The beach daily programme of the Mini Club and the Junior Club never include “invasive” activities that might bother the adults’ tranquillity.  Hence, parents enjoy their hassle-free holiday to the full while kids happily play in their dedicated playground area.

Children at the table

Our Children’s special menus include all the specialties kids just love. They can have lunch and dinner with their entertainers, every day. A great opportunity for the littles ones to also share the mealtime rituals with their new friends in a time and space entirely dedicated to them! 

Activities are adapted to the various age groups and the kids’ appointments are spread during the whole day, until after dinner. Here’s a list:

  • Handicrafts and workshops
  • Group games
  • Team games
  • Sports tournaments
  • Olympic Games in the pool
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Theme evenings
  • Baby Dance

On the beach

  • Team games
  • Water games
  • Sandcastle competitions
  • Swimming lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Olympic Games
  • Ball games

The Local Coach organises several other courses, excursions, and other activities for children, such as:

  • Sailing Courses
  • Tennis Courses
  • Swimming Courses
  • Horse riding
  • Canoe outings
  • Amusement parks
  • Water parks
  • Nature parks (Cervia Salt Pans, Po Delta, Cervia Nature Park)
  • Wave surfing and sailing classes, tennis lessons and water skiing
  • Visit to the “House of Butterflies”
  • Boat trips

For information, please contact our resident Local Coach.